A new approach for the furniture retail

Online sales are a modern reality!
Customers are increasingly buying online and this distribution channel is becoming a serious competitor for stationary specialist retailers. This means that salespeople need better and better presentation tools to represent furniture in the possible variety realistically without having to forego the special and individual appearance of natural materials after their processing.

Physical samples are used for product presentations in stationary specialist shops. However, this is also associated with various problems:

  • As a rule, there are a limited number of product samples in showrooms and sales offices
  • The customer does not have a complete picture of the possible product range
  • It is difficult for a customer to imagine a view with another texture

Product demonstration problem in catalogue

  • Static picture: just part of the product
  • Difficult for a customer to imagine surroundings
  • Unable to view details
  • The customer can not see all options for furniture, with various types of wood, colors, and fabric samples.
  • The customer can’t try out which product suits his interior best.

Our solution to these problems is the creation of digital 3D copies, which can represent the entire product range in an absolutely realistic way!

  • Freely configurable
  • Freely positionable
  • Generated in real-time
  • High resolution

With our tools, it is possible to combine the
advantages of conventional and online trading
and avoid the problems mentioned!

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