INNOTECH Holztechnologien GmbH is offering the combination of success factors of offline and online retail systems and connect them inside of one toolset

  • Real example
  • Digital screen-based presentation of product variants
  • Galery based, digital animated presentation of „Bestsellers“,
    up to the highest picture resolution
  • Interactive digital online catalog with the possibility
    for full-range product configuration (browser-based)
  • Interactive Augmented Reality environment
    for product presentation (browser or native based)

Solution for the product presentation problem – Media Room Connect and Focus Concept

  • Convincing, intuitive, and fast.
  • Combines various presentation and consultation phases into a continuous digitally supported workflow.
  • Focuses on continuous customer communication in the form of images
  • Does not require any additional CAD and VR activities in the consulting process

Full-range configurator

  • Model selection
  • Selection of model parts
  • Texture change
  • Changing the scene (model environment)

A real chair is made up of parts. Therefore, the correct 3D model
must have the same parts

This provides great opportunities for working with the parts of the object

  • Working with different materials on different parts of the object
    opens the way for us to create more complex models
  • It also allows us to unique the object


  • The user can select a model or several models 
  • to display them in a 3D viewer
  • The system has the ability to work with several
    objects at the same time
  • This module will allow us to build photorealistic
    scenes where several objects are involved,
    for example, a table and chairs


Photorealistic digital 3D Models

  • The accuracy and detail of the 3D model
  • Materials and customization

We can use a detailed 3D model of furniture directly
in the browser and control many properties of materials.

In the 3D viewer, the user can rotate the model,
zoom in or out, change the display parameters

Interior simulation

  • The user can place a background photo
    to understand how this piece of furniture
    will look in the interior
  • We strive to ensure that the inserted
    object looks realistic in the photo

Tools & Services

  • It is necessary to prepare a product model
    in the format required for the system
  • the existing model can be loaded into the system
    and edited according to the required parameters
  • For each constructive part of the model, sets of materials are
    available (for wooden parts, for seat).
  • Textures can have the level of fidelity required by business goals
  • Each type of material is configured with its own parameters
  • (roughness depth, light absorption, texture scale)

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